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Accident repair
Glass Repair
Front Suspension and Alignment
Wheel Balancing
Frame Work
Custom Paint
Dent Removal
Step 1
Sanding & Prep:
Machine and hand sanding for the best adhesion as well as priming and
filling where needed. As with any type of paint job the surface preparation
is key to giving you the best and most durable finish.
Step 2
Chemically cleaning the surface to eliminate oil and grease from your car
and also helps keep dust to a minimum.
Step 3
Masking reduces over spray and helps to keep dust down by using a
special chemically treated paper.
Step 4
Gary Smith's Auto Body uses a temperature controlled paint booth to give
you a consistent paint job no matter what the weather’s like outdoors
Step 5
Paint baking in our enclosed oven. This allows for additional paint flow and
it keeps dust to a minimum.
Step 6
After the paint is cured the car is unmasked and cleaned. Then we call you
to pick up your shiny like-new car; we love to see you smile.
Gary Smith's Auto Body specializes in custom paint for you vehicle. Over
the past 30 years we have refined our system to 6 important step
s to
achieve the highest quality paint job around.
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