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GSAB Tomah Shop lacated at 1110 Townline Road Tomah, WI 54660 608-374-2830
Accident repair
Glass Repair
Front Suspension and Alignment
Wheel Balancing
Frame Work
Custom Paint
Dent Removal
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Gary Smith's Auto Body can also repair your vehicles front suspension like
shocks, struts, springs, tie rods and ball-joints. Then adjust everything by
doing an alignment that will make your car drive straight.
Gary Smith's Auto Body wheel alignment machine
Gary Smith's Auto Body also has a state of the art, laser accurate, wheel
alignment machine. You don't have to have an accident to use Gary
Smith's Auto Body services especially if your vehicle is not tracking right,
that's a good way to get into an accident. Give Gary Smith's Auto Body a
call today and get your vehicle running straight today 608-374-2830 in
Tomah or 608-562-3981 in New Lisbon.